20th CODATA International Conference 2006

Scientific Data and Knowledge within the Information Society

22-25 October 2006, Beijing

Scientific Program

Friday, 20 October 2006


Pre-Conference Meetings

US/China Bilateral meeting (Full day)

Saturday, 21 October 2006


Pre-Conference Meetings

Global Information Commons for Science Initiative (Full day)

Sunday, 22 October 2006


Pre-Conference Meetings

Global Earth Observing System of Systems (GEOSS) Data Policy Workshop
   --> Background Information

UNESCO Consultation on WSIS Action Line C7 "E-Science"

Materials Symposium (full day)

Tutorial: Large Multi-Dimensional Raster Archives (3 hours)


Opening Welcome


Monday, 23 October 2006


Welcome Remarks

Prof. Li Jiayang and Prof. Shuichi IWATA


Keynotes - Chair: Alexei GVISHIANI



Open Access to the Scientific Data:Promoting the Innovation of Science and Technology
XU Guanhua, President of Ministry of Science and Technology, China



Science's Sine Qua Non: Making Scientific Knowledge Understandable, Relevant and Useful  
Jane LUBCHENCO, Wayne and Gladys Valley Professor of Marine Biology and Distinguished Professor of Zoology, Oregon State University


Coffee Break

Key Session A1

CODATA: 40 Years of Bringing Data to the World *

Chair: Gordon WOOD and XU Xihong

The Early Years of CODATA, 1966-1980
David LIDE

CODATA at Mid-Life, 1981-1992

CODATA: Contributions, Challenges and Opportunities
Krishan LAL

* Background Information: CODATA Historical Fact Sheet

Key Session A2

Global Scientific Data Sharing and Application

Chairs:ZHANG Xian’en and Paul Uhlir

General Introduction of Scientific Data Activities from CODATA International
Shuichi IWATA

Policy and Technique Study for Publication, Management and Sharing of Geodata
SUN Jiulin

Implementation of GEO Data Sharing Principles - Challenges and Opportunities

Review of Meteorological Data Sharing Project in China
XIONG Anyuan

Key Session A3

Data IT and Applications

Chairs: Alex SZALAY and YAN Baoping

Science in an Exponential World
Alexander SZALAY

Cyber Science Infrastructure for Boosting e-Science in Japan
Jun ADACHI and Masamitsu NEGISHI

Development of Grid-infrastructure for educational and research segment of information society in Ukraine , with focus on ecological monitoring and telemedicine





Poster Viewing
13:40-15:10 Contributed Sessions B1 - B10

CEOS/WGISS Data Resources, Technology and Services (1)

Chair: Liu Dingsheng and John Faundeen

Biological Resource Centers

Chair: Ma Juncai

Managing Astronomical Data

Chairs: Ray Norris, Chenzhou Cui and Alex Szalay


Disaster Data (1)

Chair: Robert Chen and Guo Huadong

The Applications of IT Data in the Social Sciences

Chair: Jing Linbo

Human Science Integration & Its Synthetic Research Methodology (1)

Chair: Ying Lin

Computational informatics: integrating data science with materials modeling (1)

Chair: Yoshiyuki Kawazoe

Open Culture

Chairs: Paolo Pumilia and Liu DianQiu

Clean Energy Recovery from Coal and Coal Resources

Chairs: Sohei Shimada and E. Dendy Sloan

Data Role in Promoting Public Understanding of Science (1)

Chairs: Huimei Wang and Ben Wu

GeoData Archiving and Long-term Preservation
John Faundeen
The Impact of the OECD Biological Resource Centre Initiative on traditional Culture Collections
David Smith
  Data flow in forecasting and preventing hurricanes damages in Cuba
Jose Rubiera
Construction of News Database in China
Li Yankui

Visual Prosthesis to Assist Natural Healing
Tohru Yagi
Material database syndication with RSS/MatML
Toshihiro Ashino
The Electronic Information for Libraries Network (eIFL) Open Access Program
Zhang Xiaolin
Coalbed methane as a clean energy resources
Sohei Shimada
China Digital S&T Museum
Zhang Xiaolin
Progress of Remote Sensing Data Sharing in China
SHAO Liqin
Biological Resource Centres: Towards a Global Worlwide Network
Louis Rechaussat
  A Multipurpose GIS for Disaster Management
Zhong Er-shun
Control of Interviewer Errors in Social Surveys
Li Wei
Functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) neuroimaging for infants, people with disabilities, and healthy adults: advantages and problems.
T. Kondo
Materials Research Groups, Digital Libraries, & Education: Metadata from Nanoscale Simulation Code
Laura Bartolo
Open Access Journals And Data: Opportunities for the Future
Bryan Vickery
An overview of the Chinese Programme on UCG
Li Yulan

Technology Doesn’t Inspire, Content Does: How the World Summit Award, an Global Initiative, Promote the Best Practices of e-Content Development
Elisabeth Quat

The OGC-standard Compliant Global Landsat Data Server
Di Liping
From the World Directory of Collections of Culture of Microorganisms towards Mash-up of Biodiversity and Sequence Databases
Hideaki Sugawara
  Proposal of Construction of Comprehensive Information System for Disaster Mitigation under CODATA
Wang Angsheng
The Application of Attribute Synthesis Appraisal Method in Region Economy Operation Monitor System
Ge Jian
Reorganization of the brain
K. Takahashi
IL Thermo: A Web Accessible Research Tool for Ionic Liquids
Joe Magee
Global Movement of Open Education Resources 
Wang Funden
Field Tests on CO2 Injection into Coal Seams and ECBM in Japan
Kotaro Ohga
Roles of Actual and Simulated Data in IT- and Inquiry-based Ecology Education: A case study with Virtual Ecological Inquiry (VEI)
Ben Wu
Digital Asia and Sentinel Asia Project for Sustainable Future
Hiromichi Fukui
Information Network for Bio-Sources in China
Ma Juncai
  Natural Disaster Monitoring Using SAR Technology
Guo Huadong
The application of the database on urban economy
Liu Zhiyan
Hypothesis of Neural Information Flow about Acupuncture
Ling Yin
Modeling of Empirical Creep-Rupture Data Evaluation Using MatDB, A Markup Language for Materials
Yoshio Monma

Advancing Open Education in China
Peter Gong

Lifecycle Environmental Evaluation of Exploitation and CO2 Sequestration of Coal
Masayuki Sagisaka
A Tale of Two MAO Genes: Exploring the Biology and Culture of Aggression and Anxiety
Rosemary Comella and Kristy H.A. Kang
ASEAN+3 Satellite Image Archive for Environmental Study, PA Subgroup/WGISS
Pakorn Apaphant
Dichotomy of major bacterial phyla inferred from gene arrangement comparisons
Takashi Kunisawa
  Development of a Multihazard Database for Bangladesh
Mehedi Ansary

Concept of mind and brain in traditional Chinese medicine
Kaoru Sakatani
MSIT Workplace & Phase Diagrams Online Materials Constitution, Data and Networking
Gunter Effenberg

The New Pedagogy of Open Content: Bring Together Production and Learning
Graham Atwell

CAS Initiatives on Promoting Public Undersanding of Science
Ding Yang

SAP - Structure Analysis Package
Kanagaraj Sekar

Applying Semantic Web Technologies to Materials Informatics
Jane Hunter

The Movement for Open Access: Fundamental for International Research of the Future
Ralf Schimmer


Organizer: John Faundeen & Liu Dingsheng
Organizer: Ma Juncai
  Organizer: Guo Huadong & R. Chen
Organizer: Xie Yande
and Yi Lang

Organizer: Mihoko Otake
Organizer: Ying Chen
Organizer: Paolo Pumilia
Organizer: Sohei Shimada
Organizer: Zhang Xiaolin and Ben Wu
15:10-15:40 Coffee Break / Poster Viewing
15:40-17:10 Contributed Sessions C1 - C10

CEOS/WGISS Data Resources, Technology and Services (2)

Chair: John Faundeen and Liu Dingsheng

Primary Biological Databases

Chair: Jean Garnier

Integrating Heterogeneous and Very Large Datasets for Global Water Cycle Studies: A Case Study for GEOSS

Chair: Ryosuke Shibasaki

Disaster Data (2)

Chair: Guo Huadong and Robert Chen

Application of IT Data in Literae Humaniores

Chairs: Roberta Balstad and Jiang Di

Human Science Integration and its Synthetic Research Methodology (2)

Chair: Mihoko Otake

Computational informatics: integrating data science with materials modeling (2)

Chair: Toshihiro Ashino

Recent Developments in Intergovernmental and National Data Access Policies

Chairs: Paul Uhlir and Peter Doorn

The Internationally-Distributed Hydrate Database: Quick Wins

Chairs: Jean-Jacques Royer and E. Dendy Sloan

Data Role in Promoting Public Understanding of Science (2)

Chairs: Ben Wu and  Huimei Wang

  NOAA’S Future Data Activities: Petabyte Archives, Metadata and Systems Integration
David Clark
wwPDB: An International Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics
Helen Berman
Data integration for Global Water Circulation Studies
Toshio Koike
The Next Global Synthesis of Natural Hazard Risks: Observational and Data Management Needs
Art Lerner-Lam
Practice and Research of Digital Archaeology
Liu Jianguo
Cardiac cells in vitro -contruction and intracellular Ca dynamics
T. Ozaki
Informatics for ab-initio Computational data in Materials Science
Nobuto Oka for Krishna Rajan
OECD Principles and Guidelines for Access to Research Data from Public Funding
Dirk Pilat
A Hydrate Database: Essential to the Technical Community
E. Dendy Sloan

Use of Scientific Data in Promoting Public Understanding of Science
LI Wen

  Technology and Services of WGISS
LIU Dingsheng
UniProt: the Universal Protein Resource
Claire O'Donovan
System for Integration and Fusion of Earth Environmental Information
Masaru Kitsuregawa
Earthquake Disaster Assessment on May 27 Ms 6.2 Yogyakarta Earthquake of Indonesia
Qu Guosheng
Stone tools manufacture of the Neolithic Xinglongwa culture -GIS and the archaeological study of craft specialization
Li Xinwei
Multiscale Neural Simulation Platform for Sharing and Integrating Neuroscience Knowledge
Mihoko Otake
Integrating Data and Modeling in Materials Design
Ying Chen
National Consultation on Access to Scientific Research Data in Canada
Michel Sabourin
Laboratory Data and the Gas Hydrate Markup Language
Tom Smith
Beijing Medium of Science Popularization
Ying Liu
  Advances in Data Integration for Earth Science Research
Ken McDonald
Quality of services of the primary nucleotide sequences databases
Hideaki Sugawara
Developing Ontological Information to Integrate Global Observation Data
Ryosuke Shibasaki
GIS Based Tool for Volcanic Hazard Assessment and Support Decision
Alexis Herault
Standardization of Speech Corpus
Li Ai-jun
Knowledge Reuse and Community Integration: A Semantic Web of Neuroscience
John Wilbanks
Interplay of physicochemical and structural features in ionic compounds and melts
Marcelle Gaune-Escard
Data Sharing: Security and Data Standards
Belinda Seto
Field Data and the Gas Hydrate Markup Language
Ralf Loewner
Students Conducting Authentic Research Using Planetary Data: Preparing the Next Generation of Explorers
Sheri Klug
  End User Oriented Applications of WGISS Data and Systems
LIU Chuang
EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database
Guy Cochrane
Virtual Integration of Heterogeneous Legacy Weather Databases and Sensor Network Data
Seishi Ninomiya
Prevention, Mitigation and Engineering Response for Geohazard in Thailand
Adichat Surinkum
Ontology Learning for Chinese Information Organization and Knowledge Discovery in Ethnology and Anthropology
Kong Jing
The Steady Return Algorithm in the Research of the Abnormity Data Diagnoses and Application
Sun Shibing
Interactive experimentation and modeling for phase equilibrium
Gong Weiping
Between Dream and Deed: Access to Research Data for the Humanities and Social Sciences in The Netherlands
Peter Doorn
Modeling Hydrates and the Gas Hydrate Markup Language
Wang Weihua and George Moridis
China's 2005 Report on the Internet-based Science Popularization
Wang Yuguang

Summary: John Faundeen and LIU Dingsheng

Reporter: LIU Chuang

Jean Garnier
Assessing the Global Water System: a Holistic View of Key Elements and Datasets Using the Unified Modelling Language
Marcel Endejan
Design of Database for Post-Seismic Emergency Response
Tang Aiping
The Database of Sino-Tibetan Languages and its Functions to Exploring the Origins of East Asian Civilization
Tian Qianzi

Composite material design and property prediction using materials database
Masayoshi Yamazaki
Access to and Preservation of Research Outputs:A Perspective from the United Kingdom Research Councils
Mark Thorley

The scientific data sharing mechanism and public understanding of science
Shen Danna


The Application of Global Scale Data in a Global Earthquake Disaster Alert System
Li Yigang

Discussion 18:15-18:30

  Organizer: Liu Chuang
Organizer: Jean Garnier
Organizer: Ryosuke Shibasaki
Organizer: Guo Huadong & R. Chen
Organizer: Xie Yande
and Yi Lang

Organizer: Mihoko Otake
Organizer: Ying Chen
Organizer: Paul Uhlir
Organizer: E. Dendy Sloan
Organizer: Zhang Xiaolin & Ben Wu

Opening Ceremony and 40 Years Anniversary Ceremony

LU Yongxiang, President, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Shuichi IWATA, President, CODATA
CHEN Yiyu, Director of NSFC
Jane LUBCHENCO, Past-President ICSU
NIKOLAJENKO, Minister of Education and Science of the Ukraine


Awards Ceremony

Sangster Young Scientist Award
CODATA-CHINA Long-Life-Achievement Award


Banquet and Performance

Performance 1-Beijing Opera
Performance 2-Chinese Traditional Acrobatics
Performance 3-Chinese Folk Song
Performance 4-Mask Changing Show
Performance 5- Chinese Folk Dance

Tuesday, 24 October 2006


Keynotes - Chair: Krishan LAL



e-Science and Cyberinfrastructure
Tony HEY, Vice President for Technical Computing, Microsoft



The Brief Introduction for the Project Construction of Medical Science Data Sharing
LIU Depei, President, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences


Coffee Break / Poster Viewing

Key Session D1

Young Scientists

Chair: Robert CHEN and GUO Huadong

Compressing Data Cube in Parallel OLAP Systems
Sangster Award Recipient Bo-Yong LIANG, PhD candidate, Carleton University

Access and Use of Publicly Funded Geospatial Data in Latin America: Current Status and Potential Benefits for Sustainable Development. (Study Design)

Human Science Integration through the Cycle of Communication, Contents and Community
Mihoko OTAKE

Key Session D2

Scientific Data Archiving Practices: Past, Present, and Future

Chair: Bill ANDERSON and Liu CHUANG

All of the Data, All of the Time: Archival Practices in the Sciences
Geoffrey BOWKER

The New Milestone of China’s Scientific Data Archiving and Access

CASPAR: Early results and future goals

Key Session D3

Scientific Data and Science Innovation

Chair: YAN Baoping

CAS Scientific database and its application system
YAN Baoping

Data Grid Infrastructure for YBJ-ARGO Cosmic-Ray Project

Data Speed Up the Progress of HeiHe River Basin Integration Research
ZHANG Yaonan

Docebo: The italian open source company 
Claudio ERBA


Key Session D4

InterAcademy Panel Special Session: Role of Scientific Data in Natural Disaster Management

Chairs: Wang ANGSHENG & Robert HAMILTON

Information for Natural Disaster Loss Reduction

Global Disaster Reduction and the Comprehensive Scientific System for Disaster Mitigation
WANG Angsheng

Two Weeks That Changed Sweden


13:00-14:30 Contributed Sessions E1 - E8

eGY: International Data Sharing

Chair: Charles Barton

Medicine & Health Data

Chair: Liu Depei

e-science (1)

Chair: Ralf Loewner and Kaichao Wu

Interdisciplinary Communication for Risk Management with Multi-Data Mining (1)

Chair: Mikhail Zgurovsky

The Development, Management & Sharing of Social Science Data

Chair: Gu Yueguo

Solar-Terrestrial Data

Chair: Alex Szalay and Yongheng Zhao

Computational informatics: integrating data science with materials modeling (3)

Chair: Marcelle Gaune-Escard and Laura Bartolo

Data Access Policy

Chair: Michel Sabourin and Fu Xiaofeng

  eGY, The Electronic Geophysical Year
W.K. Peterson
Public health scientific data sharing service
Yang Gonghuan
CAS Cyberinfrastructure and e-Science in Past & Near Coming
Yan Baoping
Sharing Representations by Building Cognitive Niches
Lorenzo Magnani & E. Bardone
Bridging the digital divide, creating the digital dividend
Jing Linbo
Spatio-temporal Mining of Solar-Terrestrial Satellite Observational Data for Distributed Data System
Rie Honda
Semiconductor silicon for microelectronics, power electronics and photovoltaics. Russian Scenario
Fedor Kuznetsov
The Development of Community-based Information System To Empower Indonesia e-Government Implementation
Muhammad Suryanegara
  eGY activities in Japan
Toshi Iyemori
The National Cancer Institute's cancer Biomedical Informatics

Mary Jo Deering
Developing infrastructure for eScience and opportunities for innovation in eSocial Science: converging interests and requirements?
Ashley Lloyd
A Drug Design Using a Multi-input Multi-output Neuro-Fuzzy System
Crina Grosan
Statistical Analysis of Chinese Co-authored Papers in the Social Sciences & Humanities Included in SSCI and A&HCI (1995~2004)
Zheng Haiyan
Integration between Solar Data and Space Science Data for Space Weather Forecast
Seiichi Kato
The Storage and Substructure Search of 2-Dimensional Chemical structure
Xin Li
Current Legal Developments in Database Protection in Europe
Robert Clark
  The International Heliophysical Year
Peter Fox
Clinical scientific data sharing and service
Chen Jie
Workflow-Oriented Semi-automatic Composition of Semantic Grid Service
Zhou Wei
Augmented Analytical Exploitation of a Scientific Forum
Tang Xijin
Discuss on the mode of data development in the Internet time
Wu Yuxian
The Solar-Terrestrial data Analysis and Reference System Designed Based on Web Service
Ken Murata
Characterization of Advanced Materials with Dimensions going down to Nano-meters
Krishan Lal
Information Commons for Global Sustainability
Masaru Yarime
  Best Practices for Scientific Data Stewardship in support of the eGY
Eric Kihn
Structure Standardization on Medical Data for Sharing
Jin Shuigao
A Scalable Framework for CAS e-Science and Its Prototype
Zhou Yuanchun

Multi-Data Mining for Understanding Leadership Behavior
Naohiro Matsumura
The Choice and Accumulates of Decision-making Data in Engineering Project Management
Ma Liyi
Evolving Solar Physical Database built on a Middleware for WEB Database Systems
Keiichi Matsuzaki
Estimation of solvent effects for the complexing reaction of propylene and nickel dithiolene
Qing-Zhen Han
Improved reporting of crystal structures: the impact of publishing policy on data quality
Brian McMahon
  Open Exchange of Science Data through the WDC System – Impacts on Society
Susan McLean
Understanding of thermal data for improved medical diagnostics
Antoni Nowakowski
eScience - A Platform for Earth and Environmental Sciences
Peter Loewe
Discussion Visualization on a Bulletin Board System
Wataru Sunayama

Meteorology and Space Weather Data Mining Portal
Dmitry Mishin
Hydrogen storage materials and their development
LI Xinguo
Facilitating Free and Open Exchange of Seismological Data
Ray Willemann

Methodology and Technology for China Cancer Data-sharing System
Qu Chenxu

A Study on Web Clustering with respect to XiangShan Science Conference
Wen ZHANG and Xijin TANG

  Organizer: W.K. Peterson & Toshi Iyemori
Organizer: Liu Depei & Yin Ling
Organizer: Yan Baoping et al.
Organizer: Yukio Ohsawa
Organizer: Xie Yande
and Yi Lang

Organizer: Ying Chen

14:30-16:00 Contributed Sessions F1 - F7

Virtual Observatories in the Geosciences

Chair: Herbert Kroehl and Nan Jiang

Brain Bank (1)

Chairs: Steve Chen and Tang Xiaowei

e-science (2)

Chair: Ashley Lloyd and Yan Baoping

Interdisciplinary Communication for Risk Management with Multi-Data Mining (2)

Chair: Yukio Ohsawa

International Social Science Data Archives: Models, Policies, & Principles

Chair: William Block

Towards the Increased Use and Availability of Anthropometric Data for Engineering

Chair: Sandy Ressler

Computational informatics: integrating data science with materials modeling (4)

Chair: Laura Bartolo and Marcelle Guane-Escard

Showcase Demo: "All-Hazards, All-Media Public Warning"

Eliot Christian
  The Virtual Observatory Exposed
Peter Fox
Neuroinformatics and Data-sharing
Yin Ling
New access to scientific content The TIB as a DOI registration agency
J. Brase
Proposal of BBS with Visual Representation for Online Data Analysis
Yasufumi Takama
Overview of the World of Social Science Data
Paula Lackie
Overview of Activities of the WEAR (World Engineering Anthropometry Resource) project of the CODATA Anthropometric Data Task Group
Sandy Ressler
Fundamental understanding of materials properties based on the exact solution of many body Coulombic system by diffusion quantum Monte Carlo method
Yoshiyuki Kawazoe
  Virtual Observatories and Virtual Grids: The Interplay in Fully Exploiting Solar-Terrestrial Data
Mauro Messerotti
A Portable Neuroinformatic System in a Neurological Research Environment
Ma Yilong

e-Science and the VL-e approach
L.O. Hertzberger

Evaluating Learning Algorithms to Support Human Rule Evaluation Based on Objective Rule Evaluation Indices
Hidenao Abe
Long-Term Preservation of Digital Scientific Data: The InterPARES Approach
Li Xie
Anthropometric Databases and Applications
Regis Mollard
Theoretical Calculations for Lattice Defects in Oxide
Yasunori Kaneta
  GFZ ISDC portal - Unique door to data and information
Bernd Ritschel
The Visual Word Form Area across cultures
Tang Yi-Yuan
Overcome the digital divide - eScience concepts in Northern Africa - an example from Morocco
R. Loewner
Automated Discovery of Partitions in Data Based on the Relations between Indiscernibility and Cluster Number
Shoji Hirano
Development of a Long-Term Interdisciplinary Data Archive with the Columbia University Library System
Robert Chen
XML Based Networking Method for Connecting Distributed Anthropometric Databases
Kathleen Robinette
Kinetics of ordering and metastable phase of alloys
Jun Ni
  Accessing Seismological Services in a Web Services Environment
Tim Ahern
Brain Bank Data Mining on Global Integral Utility Supercomputing Grid
Enrico Melson
CROWN test bed
Hu Chunming
Human-interactive annealing for multilateral observation
Yishiharu Maeno
Automated Genre Classification for Ingest and Appraisal Metadata
Yunhyong Kim and Seamus Ross
Comparing Samples from Different Countries for Key Sizing Dimensions
Lee Young Suk
First-principles study on effective doping in IVA group spinel nitrides
Hao Wang
  Virtual Observatory in the Geospace Environment Studies
Tatsuki Ogino
Chinese node of the international neuroinformatics network- Brainbank.cn
Song Yue-tao
A study on warning and forecasting system of Bird flu and other accidental diseases based on scientific database
LEI Fumin and MA Juncai
Human-Interactive Annealing Process with Pictogram for Extracting New Scenarios for Patent Technology
Kenichi Horie

Navigation, Visualization and Searching in Databases of Full Body 3D Scans
Marc Rioux
Virtual Experiments Platform for Materials Design and Modeling
Nobutaka Nishikawa

Developing a Comprehensive Database for Assessing the Patenting Activity in India
Sujit Bhattacharya
Risk Mining in Hospital Information System
Shuzaku Tsumoto

Automatic Locating of Anatomical landmarks on 3-D anthropometric Data
Zouhour Ben Azouz
Discussion 15:45-16:00

  Organizer: Peter Fox, Mauro Messerotti, Tatsuki Ogino
Organizer: Yin Ling
Organizer: Yan Baoping et al.
Organizer: Yukio Ohsawa
Organizer: Gretchen Gano
Organizer: Sandy Ressler
Organizer: Ying Chen


Coffee Break / Poster Viewing
16:30-18:00 Contributed Sessions  G1 - G7

Best Practices for Scientific Data Stewardship

Chair: Jean Bonnin and Liu Chuang

Brain Bank (2)

Chairs: Yin Ling and Belinda Seto

Infrastructure and Technology for Scientific Data

Chair: Nan Kai

Interdisciplinary Communication for Risk Management with Multi-Data Mining (3)

Chair: Yukio Ohsawa

Social Science Data Issues

Chair: Roberta Balstad

Geoscience Data

Chair: Art Lerner-Lam

Materials Science

Chair: John Rumble

Managing Astronomical Data

Chairs: Ray Norris, Chenzhou Cui and Alex Szalay

(moved from B3)

  The SPASE Data Model:  Standard Metadata for Space Science Data Description
James Thieman
Challenges in Medical Patients' Data Management: a comparative analysis (United States, United Kingdom, France and Quebec - Canada.)
Jean Pierre Caliste
Developing Information Dissemination Platform Combined with Semantic Web-based Inference Services
LEE Mikyung
Privacy-preserving Data Mining of Medical Data using Data Separation Based Techniques
Gang Kou
Measuring data quality on a national basis
Matthys Izak Cronje
Three Dimensional visualization of geological structure based on Geophysical field data
Qi Min
Construction and Application of National Data-sharing Service Network of Materials Environmental Corrosion
Li Xiaogang

The Astronomers' Data Manifesto
Ray Norris

  Space Physics Interactive Data Resource - SPIDR
Mikhail Zhizhin
Chinese Visible Human Data Sets
Shao-Xiang Zhang
Development of a 3-D Visualization Environment for Integration and Analysis of Computer Simulations and Satellites and Ground-based Observations Based on Grid Environment
Kazunori Yamamoto
Possibility of Integrated Data Mining of Clinical Data
Akinori Abe
Integrate weighting in household-based survey
Muthetho Solomon Nkwinika
Methodology of Quantitative Land Cover Characterization from MODIS, a case study in Northeast China.
Zhengxing Wang
Structuring and Engineering of Indian Data Base on Mechanical and Corrosion Metallurgy
Ravin Kumar Dayal

The Virual Observatory: Science in an Exponential World
Alex Szalay

  Data Service at the World Data Center for Geomagnetism, Kyoto
Toshi Iyemori
Neuroscience, Bioinformatics, Third-Brain Research and Beyond-Petaflops Bio- Supercomputing Steve Chen
Relational Modeling Advantages over the E-R Approach
Carlos Calderia
A Framework of Knowledge Management Platform for Middle and Small Business
Li Xinsen
Panel Data Analyses on FDI and China's Export: 1995-2002
Chen Rui
Study on Essential Factors of Geo-data Quality
Yang Tie-li
Inorganic Element Functional Group Database on Pulverized Coal Surface Based on XPS Method
Hu Yi
Cosmic Variability --- Mass Data Management and IT Challenges of Astronomical Databases
Chen Wen-ping
  Best Practices for Environmental Data Management Systems
Herbert Kroehl
PET Imaging of Glucose Metabolic Response in Human Brain Induced by Stimulation of Acupoint ST36
Jin Xianglan
Middleware for Scientific Data Grid
Deting Yang
Mining-grid Centric E-Finance Portal for Credit Card Risk Management
Hu Jia
The Impact of the Internet on Research Methods: Does It Create a New Methodology or Just a Novel Use of Existing Methods?
Niv Ahituv
New technologies for spatial analysis of geological and geophysical data
Victor Tatarinov
Distance learning in Institute of Engineering Materials and Biomaterials
Leszek Dobrzanski
LAMOST archives, and its storage and management
Zhao Yongheng
  Applying the Inherent Structure of Digital Records
Paul Berkman

Text-based Knowledge Diffusion for Specialist Domains
Mounir Kehal
A Unified Linear Market Value Function Model for Multi-aspect Analysis in Targeted Marketing
Huang Jiajin
Generalization and the Semiotics of Complete Information Systems
Horst Kremers
Geo-information (Lake Data) Services Based on the Ontology Concept
He Longhua
Semiconductive Nanostructures
Paata Kervalishvili

Automatic Reference Resolution in Astronomy Articles
Yunhyong Kim and Bonnie Webber

The Study of RAIM Performance by Simulation
Di Ruihi

Science Blog: An Effective Exchange Tool for Scientific Communities
Xiong Sanlu
Evaluating the Error Risk of Email Filters Based on ROC Curve Analysis
Li Wenbin

Developing a dynamic usability framework for spatial domain applications
Cui Lei

An Opportunity for Innovation in International Data Exchange and Interdisciplinary Science: Defining to New Data Type
LIN Ganghua
  Organizer: Eric Kihn and Jean Bonnin
Organizer: Yin Ling
Organizer: Nan Kai
Organizer: Yukio Ohsawa

Organizer: Ray Norris, Cui Chenzhou, Alex Szalay


CODATA Prize Winner Presentation



Participants on their own for dinner

Wednesday, 25 October 2006

Key Session H1

The International Polar Year (IPY): An Opportunity for Innovation in International Data Exchange and Interdisciplinary Science

Chairs: Alexander STERIN and Xin LI

The Challenge of and Approach to IPY Data Management

The Development of International Data Policy for Science

Antarctic and Southern Ocean Data Management by the Joint SCAR/COMNAP Committee on Antarctic Data Management

Geospatial Interoperability Standards and Protocols for Supporting International Exchange of IPY Data
DI Liping

Key Session H2

Roundtable: CODATA Vision of the Future

Chair: Shuichi IWATA

Introductory Remarks
Shuichi IWATA ( 8:30-8:40 )

Expectations for Better Data Activities from Society
Roberta BALSTAD ( 8:40-8:50 )

Impact of information Society on the Sustainable Development: Global and Regional Aspects
Mikhail ZGUROVSKY ( 8:50-9:00 )

CODATA Vision of the Future
Alexei GVISHIANI ( 9:00-9:20 )

CODATA Vision of the Future
Krishan LAL ( 9:20-9:40 )

Discussion ( 9:40-10:00 )

Key Session H3

Crossing the Social-Natural Science Data Boundaries

Chair: Roberta BALSTAD

Agent-Oriented Modeling of Real-Life Discourse
GU Yueguo

The Theoretical Modeling on the Digitalized World History: Premises, Paradigm and Resources in Scientific Data 
WANG Xudong

The Electronic Data and Retrieval of the Secret History of the Mongols

10:00-10:15 Coffee

Key Session I1

Global Information Commons for Science Initiative

Chairs: Paul UHLIR & CHUNYAN Wang

Creating Global Information Commons for Science

Common Use Licensing in China
WANG Chunyan

Open Data and New Measures of Scientific Impact

Key Session I2

CODATA and IAUD* Joint Internet Forum: Dialogue between Scientists and Designers - Beijing and Kyoto

Chair: Shuichi IWATA


Shuichi IWATA (CODATA, The University of Tokyo)
Robert S. CHEN (CODATA, Columbia University)
Jisong WU (Beijing Univ of Aeronautics & Astronautics)
Dehua CHUI (Beijing University)
Kanji UEDA (The University of Tokyo)
Kimitaka KATO (Fujitsu Co.)
Monte CASSIM (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University)
Masayoshi KUBO (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
John CLARKSON (Cambridge University)

*International Association of Universal Design

Key Session I3

Data Stewardship

Chair: Krishan LAL

Fundamental Constants and the International System of Units
Peter MOHR

The Role of Scientific Data in e-Science: How DO We Preserve All Necessary Data

The Value of Open Standards for Exchange of Scientific Information in a Global Environment
Andy LEE

11:15-11:30 Coffee
11:30-13:00 Contributed Sessions J1 - J8

International Polar Year Activities

Chairs: Taco De Bruin and Mark Parsons

A Challenge to Scientific Risk Estimation on Health Effects of Low Dose Radiation

Chairs: Tetsuya Ono and Takehiko Nohmi

E-Science Networking

Chair: Xiao Yun

Data Mining/Knowledge Management

Chair: Chris Lenhardt

Environment-conscious Actions for Sustainable Development (1)

Chairs: Toyohisa Fujita and Gordon Wood

Remote Sensing Data & Applications

Chair: Nan Jiang

Chemical and Physical Data

Chair: Krishan Lal

Report on Activities of the CODATA Task Group on Preservation of and Access to Scientific & Technical Data in Developing Countries

Chair: Liu Chuang

  Providing the Upper-Air Data Relevant to Studies of the Northern Polar Climate Changes
Alexander Sterin
An Overview
Tetsuya Ono
Information Society Promotion in Baltic States (IST4Balt)
Alexei Gvishiani
Performance in Knowledge Management Initiatives: Drivers, Capabilities, Metrics and Models
Manu Sharma
The Statistical Index System of the Green GDP
Wu Jisong
Spatial and temporal analysis of land cover data in the Odra River catchment
Elzbieta Bielecka
Chemical Kinetics Data of Fluorinated Alcohols and Ethers
Igor Morozov
From China to Southen Africa, The Role of the CODATA Task Group on Preservation of and Access to S&T Data in Developing Countries
Liu Chuang
  Cryospheric Data Assimilation, an Integrated Approach for Generating Consistent Cryosphere Data Sets
Li Xin
Evidence obtained from people living in high background radiation area
Zhang Wei
Application of Universal Relation in the Data Access Middleware under Grid Environment
Wang Qingyang
Research On Improving Data Quality By Data Mining Consulting
Li Xingsen
Current Status of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data in Japan
Masayuki Sagisaka

The Application of Satellite Remote Sensing Data in the Land Investigation Along the Freeway
Liu Xianbin

Data Base of Geochemical Kinetics as a Complex System
Hu Shumin
A National Data and Information Sharing Platform for the Nonprofit Sector of South Africa
Lulama Makhubela
  Participation of the Russian WDCs for Solar-Terrestrial Physics and Solid Earth Physics in the IPY Data and Information Service
I.A. Kuzmin
Combined genotoxicity of low-dose-rate radiation and tobacco-specific nitrosamine NNK
Takehiko Nohmi
Next Generation Information Networks in China
Guo Qiao
A new Text Knowledge Element Mining model Based on Knowledge Spectrum Computing
Wen Youkui
Life Cycle Assessment: A Tool for Comparing and Evaluating Different Treatment Options for Plastic Wastes
Gjergj a. Dodbiba
A Method for Global-scale Archiving of the Imaging Data Based on QTM Pixel
Sun Weibin
Creation, Evaluation, Organization and Application of High temperature Experimental Data for Geo-Thermodynamic and Kinetics Database
Zhang Ronghua

Activities on Biodiversity and Sustainable Development in Thailand
Morakot Tanticharoen

  Strategy for Rescuing Endangered Data of Cryosphere Research
Wu Lizong
Radiation Effects on Regulation of Gene Expression
Mitsuru Nenoi
Management and Sharing of Research Information through ResearchNet
Ma Jian

Hydrogen storage alloys and their movement for continually social development
Li Xingguo
The Assimilation of Satellite Data in the GRAPES (Global and Regional Assimilation Prediction System)
Liu Yan
Multimeasurand ISO GUM Supplement is Urgent
Vladimir Ezhela
Fu Xiaofeng
  Creating and Distributing Antarctic International Polar Year (IPY) Data through the Internet
Christopher Rusanowski
Computer modeling of radiation effects
Noriyuki Ouchi

Supporting  Interdisciplinary e-Science through Real-Time Remote Sensing and High Performance Computing in a High Bandwidth Environment
Gilbert L. Rochon

Impact of information society on the sustainable development: global and regional aspects
Mikhail Zgurovsky
  International Chart of the Nuclides
Tengis Golashvili

Roundtable Discussion on Permanent Access to Scientific and Technical Data Resources
William Anderson

  Monitoring and Observation Platform over the Tibetan Plateau
Yao Tandong


  Organizer: Mark Parsons & Taco De Bruin
Organizer: Tetsuya Ono

Organizer: Bill Anderson & Liu Chuang    
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:30 Contributed Sessions K1 - K7

Progress in Environmental Data Management

Chair: Alexei Gvishiani

Species 2000 and China: completing the Catalogue of Life

Chair: JI Li-Qiang

E-Science Visualization

Chair: Ray Norris

Electronic Journal Publication

Chair: Soichi Tokizane and Zhang Xiaolin

Environment-conscious Action for Sustainable Developments (2)

Chair: Gordon Wood

Advances in Metadata

Chair: Eric Kihn

Cyberinfrastructure for the Geosciences

Chair: Mark Thorley and Nan Jiang

  Progress Report on Development and Service of WDC for Seismology, Beijing
Cai Jinan
Completing the Catalogue of Life: collaboration with megadiverse countries
Frank Bisby
The Application of the Technology of 3D Satellite Cloud Image in Virtual Reality Simulation
Xie Xiaofang
China Academic Journals-the flagship of Chinese e-publishing
Yan Tingmao
Recycling of construction and demolition waste – Status and new utilisation methods
Anette Mueller
Metadata for Scientific Data in China: an Overview
Hou Yanfei
The CGI: Advancing International Geoscience Data Interoperability
John Broome
  Databases on the INTERNET in World Data Center for Geophysics, Beijing
Peng Fenglin
Chinese Virtual Herbarium(CVH): A National Taxonomic Database
QIN Hai-Ning and Ma Ke-Ping
Dissemination of 3D Visualizations of Complex Function Data for the NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions
Wang Quiming
KISTI-ACOMS : Article Contribution Management System
Myung-Seok Choi
Beneficial Use and recycling of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Bottom Ash
Ji-Whan Ahn
Automatic Meta Data Collection System for Satellite and Ground-based Observation Data by the STARS RSS1.0: An approach for the STARS Semantic Web
Takuya Kubo
System of Agents for Forest Observation Research with Advanced Hierarchies (SAFORAH)
David Goodenough
  Distributed network of geomagnetic observations data storage in the system of World Data Centers (WDC) 
Evgeniy P. Kharin

The Animal Species Database of China
JI Li-Qiang

A Real-time 3D Visualization of Global MHD Simulation for Space Weather Forecasting
Daisuke Matsuoka
J-STAGE - An Electronic Journal Platform for Academic Societies in Japan
Soichi Tokizane
Data Erasing and Recycling of Optical Disks
Toyohisa Fujita
Improving Data Access through Standards-based Metadata and Web-Maps
Susan McLean
Renewal and Completion Problems in Geographical Databases in Turkey and a Proposal Model
Ali Erdi
  Participation of the World Data Center for Solid Earth Physics in creation of distributed geophysical data resource in the Internet
Natalia Sergeyeva
MA Juncai

Data Visualization and Data Product: Two Easily Confusing Terms
Liao Shunbao
The Journals of the American Physical Society: Challenges and Innovations
Samindranath Mitra
An Alternative to Calcium Sulfoaluminate System for Immobilization of Heavy Metals
Kwang-Suk You
A P2P service discovery strategy based on content catalogues
Huang Lican
National and International Collaborations for Geoinformatics: Challenges and Lessons Learned from Geoinformatics for Geochemistry
Chris Lenhardt
  Data Center for Environmental and Ecological Research in West China
Nan Zhuotong
The Species 2000 protocols for a Distributed System
Yuri Roskov
  CrossRef, DOIs and Data: A Perfect Combination
Ed Pentz

  Integrative Database System of Agroecology in the Black Soil of China
Ge Cuiping
  Current Key Problems and Solutions for Geo-scientific data sharing in China
Ran Youhua

Design of High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Image Intelligent Interpretation System and Its Implementation
Mo Dengkui
Organizers: MA Keping, Frank Bisby & JIA Yu

Organizer: Soichi Tokizane & Takashi Kunisawa

15:30-16:00 Coffee
16:00-17:30 Contributed Sessions L1 - L7

Workshop on "The New Frontier in Defining the Data to Knowledge Paradigm"

Chair: Paul Berkman

Bioinformatics/ Biodiversity

Chairs: Bonnie Carroll and Ma Juncai

Database Methods and Data Access Systems

Chair: Yan Baoping and Alex Szalay

Digital Library

Chair: Guangjian Li

Environmental Information Systems for Decision Support

Chair: Elzbieta Bielecka (TBC)

Supporting Sustainable Access to Scientific Data through Metadata

Chair: John Faundeen



eGY Panel Reps

The introduction of the Animal Information Management System
Qiao Huijie
Sub-path Based Load Shedding Algorithm for Continuous Query
Wang Jindong
Analysis of Paradigm Evolution of Digital Library in China Mainland
Huang Guobin
Data Management for Environmental Informatics - An Irish Research Perspective
Peter Mooney
Metadata development and deployment: What practices from the business world apply?
William Anderson
eGY Panel Reps
Construction of Network Database on Domestic Animal Genetic Resources In China
Xiong Ben Hai
Semantic Web Ontology for Research Community
Kang In-Su
Data of readingroom and extended function
Wang Dasheng
Data and Knowledge Sharing for the China Arsenic Mitigation Network
Sun Dianjun
Metadata as the Underpinning of Sustainable and Effective Access to Scientific Data
Qin Jian
eGY Panel Reps
Forestry Bioinformatics
Neelesh Yadav
The Interface Design for Distribution of Science and Technology Information based on Semantic Web
Pyung Kim
Study on the Usability of Digital Library
Yu Yaohua
Study on the architecture of sharing service platform of Agricultural Science Data
Zhao Ruixue
Cross-domain Metadata Interoperability to Support Integrated Digital Service Environment
Zhang Xiaolin
eGY Panel Reps
Successful Solutions to Global Biodiversity Data Digitization, Validation, Update, Integration, Access, and Application
John Hill
CC-Share: Deploying Information-Sharing Services on Various Networks of Culture Collections
Natee Saelee
Promoting Open Access to Scholarly Data: A Case Study of the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Project at the Simon Fraser University Library
Song Yiliang (Ian)

DOIs for Tracking and Citing Scientific Data
Peter Loewe

  eGY Panel Reps
Integration of Biodiversity Database in Taiwan and Linkage to Global Databases
Shao Kwang-Tsao
Standards-Based Raster Geo Grid Services for Integrated Earth Information Access in EurAsia
Peter Baumann

Addressing Digital Data Citation and Attribution: Data Center Roles and Best Practices
Chris Lenhardt

  eGY Panel Reps

Telemedicine in Poland
Antoni Nowakowski

Metadata and Multilingualism: The Case of Access to Scientific data and Information
Raed Sharif

  Organizer: eGY

Organizer: Qin Jian & Raed Sharif


Closing Ceremony



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