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A number of leading international data experts will give plenary talks at CODATA 2000:

Peter Cochrane, Chief Technologist, British Telecom (UK)
"Why Old Science Won't Work in the New Century"

Dr. Bohlen, Fachinformationszentrum Chemie Gmbh (Germany)
"Scientific Databases and Education: A Revolution About to Happen"

Jacques-Emile Dubois, Past President, CODATA (France)
"50 Years of Expanding Knowledge: Complexity Control and New Frontiers"

John Enderby, Physical Secretary, Royal Society (UK)
"The Role of Data and Information in a Sustainable Society"

Oleg Favorsky, Member of Presidium, Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia)
"The Impact of Aviation on the Atmosphere and Global Climate: The Role of Data and Modeling"

Usama Fayyad, Chief Executive Officer, digiMine (US)
"Data Mining and Data Warehousing of the Future: The Brave New World of Data Assets"

Quansheng Ge, Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)
"Reconstruction of Climate in China from Historical Documents"

Shuichi Iwata, Director, RACE Institute, University of Tokyo (Japan)
"Databases and Design: Discovering New Ideas in Old Facts"

Philip Loftus, Vice President and Director, Glaxo Wellcome R&D (US)
"The Role of Data and Information in Modern Industrial Research"

Dave Snowden, Knowledge Management, IBM (UK)
"The New Knowledge Paradigm: How Information is Changing Communication"

Mitchell Sogin, Director, Center for Comparative Molecular Biology and Evolution, Woods Hole (US)
"The Universal Tree of Life and the Origin of Eukaryotes: Will Genomics Get to Its Roots?"

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