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CODATA 2000's Symposium III on Data, Information and Knowledge concentrates on Earth and Physical Sciences, Engineering and Industry. The topics for this session include virtual astronomy, construction industries, materials design and discovery, analytical chemistry systems, erosion and deposition sciences, seismological, volcanological and other geophysical data and environmental risk management and global climate change.

III. Symposium on Data, Information and Knowledge in the Earth and Physical Sciences, Engineering and Industry
*Organizer: Prof. A. Gvishiani (Russia)

Earth Sciences

Theme III-1: Volcanological, Seismological and Other Geophysical Data Management and Studies in the 21st Century Prof. Claude Jaupart (IPG, France) and Prof. A. Gvishiani (UIPE RAS, Russia)

Theme III-2: Environmental Risk Management: Earthquakes, Floods and other Natural Calamities Prof. Jean Bonnin (IPG, Strasbourg, France)

Theme III-3: Oceans: Marine Geology and Marine Geophysics Data Acquisition, Management and Processing Prof. J.O. Dubois (IPG, France) and Prof. Jean Bonnin (IPG, Strasbourg, France)

Physical Sciences and Engineering

Theme III-4: Physico-Chemical Data Standards and Databases Dr. H. Kehiaian (France)

Theme III-5: Modern materials design: Databases, combinatorial design, virtual materials and knowledge discovery S. Iwata (Japan) and K. Rajan (US)

Theme III-6: Tools for Data Validation and Quality Control P. Mezey (Canada) and D. Lide (US)

Theme III-7: Interoperability and metadata standards J. Rumble (US) and Peter Murray-Rust (UK)

Theme III-8: Databases and new analytical chemistry systems G. Kramer (US) and R. Schaefer (Germany)


Theme III-9: Industrial Coatings Prof. A. Revillon (France)

Theme III-10: Modern Construction Industries Session Dr. L. Kaetzel (US)

Theme III-11: Flavor and Food Industry Issues : Analytical Tools and Public Expectation Prof. C. Bicchi (Italy), Prof. R. Fellous and Prof. P. Schreier (Germany)



Prof. Alexei Gvishiani
Centre of Geophysical Computer Data Studies and Telematics Applications
Molodezhnaya Str. 3
117296 Moscow, Russia
Phone: +7 095 133 4339
Fax: +7 095 930 5559

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