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Symposium One, Two, Three, Four

CODATA 2000's Symposium IV on Data, Information and Knowledge concentrates on the Environment and Renewable Energy and include topics such as water resources, atmospheric evolution and pollution monitoring, sustainable development, energy sources for the future and urban policy.

IV. Symposium on Data, Information and Knowledge on the Environment and for Renewable Energy
Organizers: J.M. Martin (EC) and J.J. Royer (France)

Natural and Ecological Disasters

Theme IV-1: Issues in Geo-Spatial Data for Major Natural Disasters Dr. A. Kiremidjian (US) and Dr. F. Sabetta (Italy)

Theme IV-2: Integrated Environmental Monitoring in Industrial Areas J-P Nordvic, A.C. Lucia, N. Mitchison

Theme IV-3: Environmental Data Integration Dr. David Stanners (European Environment Agency, Copenhagen, Denmark)

Theme IV-4: Water Resources Dr. J-M. Martin (JRC-EI, European Commission)

Industrial Ecology and Urban Pollution

Theme IV-6: Geographical Information Systems Dr. Arwyn Jones (JRC-EI, EC)

Theme IV-7: Global Cross Border Pollution: Industrial and Natural Disasters Dr. J.C. Oppeneau (ADEME, France)

Theme IV-9: Urban Air Quality and Human Exposure Dr. D. Kotzias (JRC-EI, European Commission)

Energy Inventories : Prospective and Renewable Resources

Theme IV-10: Energy Sources for the Future: Fossils, Fission and Renewable Energy

Theme IV-11: Gas Hydrates: Role in Past and Future Prof. F.A. Kuznetsov (Russia)

Theme IV-12: Geothermy: An Alternative Source of Energy Dr. J-J. Royer (France)

Theme IV-13: Renewable Energy and Environmental Issues: Needs, Opportunities and Perspectives of the New Millennium Dr. H. Ossenbrink (JRC-EI, European Commission)


Round Table Discussion IV-B: Water Issues: Resources and Redistribution

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Symposium IV on DIK on the Environment and for Renewable Energy is co-organized with the ISPRA/CEE Environment Institute. Moreover, ISPRA/CCR/CEE also participates actively in CODATA 2000 in Symposia I and III. Contact persons are:

Dr. Jean-Marie Martin
Director, Environment Institute
Joint Research Center / European Commission (EC)
21020 ISPRA (VA)- Italia
Fax : + 39 0332 789 222
Phone : + 39 0332 789 834
Email :


Dr. Jean-Jacques Royer
Computer Science Department
Rue du Doyen Marcel Roubault, B.P. 40 (EI)
54501 Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, France
Fax : + 33 3 83 59 64 60
Phone : + 33 3 83 59 64 27/35
Email :


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