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Poster presentation facilities will be positioned in the main corridor running along side the conference rooms. This facility allows as much interaction as possible with conference participants. The duration of display shall be a minimum of one day. Poster presenters are requested to be available beside their posters to answer questions between 12.30 and 13.30 and 16.00 and 17.00. A map of the Poster area will be available within the Book of Abstracts. There will be poster panels for 15 presentations each day over the conference period.

Poster Programme

Monday 16 October

Theme Integration of Heterogeneous Databases and Data Warehousing

  • Integration Methodology for Heterogeneous Databases
    Professor Salzano, France
  • Integration and Metadata Assisted Inquiry in Public Statistical Information Systems
    Professor Anglioni, Italy.
  • Adaptive Mapping Model for Data Clustering and Visualization
    Professor Lamirel, France  
  • An Architecture for Data Warehouse Systems Using and Heterogeneous Data Management System-Heros
    Professor Silva, Brazil
  • Semantic Schemata Integration in the Mads
    Professor Sotnykova
  • Integration of Keyword Based Source Search and Structure-based Information Retrieval
    Professor Suzuki, Japan
  • On Systems Management in Federated Information Systems
    Professor Rodriguez, Spain

Theme Physico-Chemical Standards and Databases   

  • Database for Phase Diagram Calculation Data in Steel Systems
    B.-J. Lee, H.-S. Park, and S.-C. Hong, Research Institute of Standards & Science, Research & Development Information Center,Taejon, Republic of Korea
  • Information System for Testing Thermal Non-equilibrium Process Models
    A.L.Sergievskaya, S.A.Losev, E.A.Kovach, Institute of Mechanics, Moscow State University, 1, Michurinsky prospect, Moscow 119899, Russia 

Theme Volcanical, Seismogolical and Other Geophysical Data Management in the 21st Century

  • Free Access to Data - Necessary Condition for Geomagnetic Activity Forecasts,
    Pavel Hejda and Josef Bochnicek, Academy of Sciences, Geophysical Institute, 141 31 Prague, Czech Republic

Theme, Management of Data, Information and Knowledge

  • Data Management Exercises with Microclimatic Data-Easy Tool
    Sathyamoorthi Krishnamurthy, Gianni Boris Pezatti and Jean M. Favre

Tuesday 17 October

Theme Biodiversity, Life and Medical Sciences

  • Database of Korean Native Higher Fungi 
    Duck-Hyuan Cho, So-Young Chang, Keuk-So Bang, Hyung-Seon  Park, Bu-Young Ahn, Korea
  • Generating a Data Base Using GIS and Remote Sensing to Understand The Marine Biodiversity of Indian Ocean Ecosystem     
    S. Shanmuganandan .
  • Risk Assessment of Skin Cancer Based on Critically Validated TDS Data
    Zdzisaw S. Hippe, University of Technology, Poland and Stanisaw Bajacar, Outpatient Advice Center of Dermatology, Poland
  • Bioinformatics in a Global Risk Assessment Strategy of Chemicals
    J.R. Chretien, M. Pintore, F. Ros
  • Computer Chemistry Approaches in TCM and New Drug Discovery
    Jiaju Zhou, Chinese Academy of Sciences   
  • Data Assessment for Studying the Health Impact 
    Dr. Natalia Sorokovikova, Senior Research Officer, Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Green House Gasses Emission from Agricultural in Taiwan
    Shang-Shyng Yang, National Taiwan University
  • Rare Trisomies and the World Wide Web  
    Bruns D (University of Illinois) Benvenuti, P (University of Calgari, Italy) Schuler K, (SOFT, Australia),  Collinsworth M, (Cornell)
  • The Computer Informational System for Trichinellosis Infection 
    A.L. Sergievskaya, E.A. Kovach, T.P. Sabgaida, A.M. Bronstein. Research Institute of Mechanics MSU
  • Malaria Control
    Nabila A. Shehata Science and Technology Information Centre. Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Egypt
  • A 3-D Display of Ethnobotany Population in Korea Using GRASS
    Haeng-Gon Lee, Mu-Yeol Kim, Il-Seok Oh, Hyung-Seon Park, Bu-Young Ahn. Republic of Korea.
  • Database Construction for Information of Fungal Identification
    Kyung-Sook Bae, Hyung-Seon Park and Bu-Young Ahn Republic of Korea 
  • Factual Database of the Korean Coastal Fish
    Tae-Won Lee, Hak-Bin Hwang, Sang-Woo Doo and Hyung-Seon Park Republic of Korea.

Theme: Innovative Web Design and Applications

  • Interoperability Approach in Designing a Geo-Data Server for Antarctic Data
    O Salvetti, L. Fortunati, A. Galligani. S. Biagioni, C. Carlesi 
  • A Web Design for Non Destructive Testing
    O. Salvetti, E. Bozzi, R. Bozzi, M. Chimenti, M. Martinelli 

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