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Symposium One, Two, Three, Four

CODATA 2000's Symposium I on Data, Information and Knowledge concentrates on the Principles, Methodologies, Systems and Policies of the use and dissemination of data. Sessions cover a broad range of data management, warehousing, visualization, validation and compression issues.

Symposium I: Data, Information and Knowledge: Principles, Methodologies, Systems and Policies
*Organizer: Dr. N. Gershon (US)

Knowledge Management

Theme I-1: Uncertainty in Knowledge Interpretation and Fuzzy Data Dr. A. Gvishiani (Russia)

Theme I-2: Management of Data, Information and Knowledge Dr. J. Gravallese and Dr. N. Gershon (US)

Theme 1-3: Integration of Heterogeneous Databases and Data Warehousing Prof. H. Bestougeff (France) and Dr. B. Thuraisingham (US)

Theme I-4/Theme I-5: Information and Data: Visualization and Discovery Dr. N. Gershon (US)

Theme I-6: Innovative Web Design and Applications Dr. O. Signore (Italy) and Dr. H. Flack (Switzerland)

Theme I-8: New Methods in Management of Information Flows and Information Industry Dr. K. Froitzheim (Germany), Acad. Yury Arsky (Russia)

System Intelligence and Virtual Laboratories

Theme I-9: The Emergence of Virtual Laboratories: Towards New Policies and Strategies for Knowledge Handling Dr. J. Rose (UNESCO)

Theme I-10: Virtual Observatories in Modern Astronomy and Astrophysics-International and Interdisciplinary Aspects Dr. G. Oertel (US)

Theme I-11: Intranet and Data Tools for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Prof. Henry Dou (France)

Theme I-12: Information Tools and Strategic Context Prof. C. Paoli and Pr. B. Dousset (France)

Intellectual and Industrial Property Issues

Theme I-14: Access to Public Data/National Data Policy Issues Dr. Jean Jacques-Royer (France)


Round Table Discussion I-A: Africa regional data issues in the Internet era

Round Table Discussion I-B: Data access and intellectual property rights



Dr. Nahum Gershon
MITRE Corporation
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McLean, VA 22102-3481 US
Phone: +1 703 883 7518
Fax: +1 703 883 3615

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