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20th CODATA International Conference 2006

20th International CODATA Conference
Scientific Data and Knowledge
within the Information Society

22-25 October 2006, Beijing

CODATA 2006 Conference Proceedings Instructions

CODATA International Conferences are the major forum for the presentation of new and important work in scientific and technical data, and all authors are invited to submit their presentations to benefit the worldwide community of scientists and data experts and users.

Deadline for submissions is Monday November 27, 2006.

Instructions for Submission of Presentation Files (Powerpoint slides, etc.)

Electronic presentation material may be submitted to cheryl@codataweb.org for inclusion on a special conference area of the CODATA website (http://www.codata.org).

Instructions for Submission of Papers to the Conference Proceedings Section of the CODATA Data Science Journal

Written papers based on the oral and poster presentations given at CODATA 2006 will be published as part of the CODATA Data Science Journal in a special section on Conference Proceedings. Please adhere to the following requirements:

  1. All manuscripts must be submitted electronically to the submission e-mail address given below.
  2. All manuscripts must be prepared in accordance with the paper instructions given at

http://dsj.codataweb.org/submissions.html and http://dsj.codataweb.org/instructions.pdf

  1. All papers must meet the normal quality of conference proceedings and contain new work, results or ideas, or be a comprehensive review of a subject.
  2. Manuscripts should be between 3 and 12 pages in length.
  3. The work should be suitably referenced, especially with respect to other people's works and ideas.
  4. All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by at least one reviewer.
  5. All manuscripts should be written in acceptable English. Non-native English speakers and writers should have their manuscript read in advance for correct use of English grammar and spelling.
  6. Papers should be well written with a meaningful flow of thoughts. They should not be just a collection of figures from a poster or a set of PowerPoint slides.

All papers and questions for the CODATA Data Science Journal submissions should be sent to:

Diane Smith
Editorial Assistant
CODATA Data Science Journal



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