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CODATA The Committee on Data for Science and Technology
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eMail List CODATA_International

A mail-list for CODATA exists for the exchange of public information and communication on CODATA activities. For those of you who are not aware, this is how you join:

  1. Each participant must send an otherwise empty e-mail to the following mail address:
    in order to join the list.
  2. The mail server returns an aknowledgement for the intention to join the list. This mail just has to be answered without further
    information (just use "reply"-function of your mail program). The reason for this procedure is to prevent non-authorised use of the "Join-The-List" function.
  3. Each person is then officially informed that they are on the mailing list (Welcome to CODATA_International List).
  4. If you wish to send information/news to the list for circulation you must e-mail this to
    (open only to registered members to prevent from misuse)
  5. When information is sent to the e-mail in point 3- it is automatically distributed to each member on the list.
  6. Every message from the e-mail server contains a note how to leave the mailing list so a participant can have his name removed from the list at any time. Those of you who have not already joined please do so!!!

Please also foreward this feature of information, communication and cooperation to your colleagues and friends in the Science and Technology fields.

If you have problems, please contact:

Horst Kremers, CODATA-Germany
mobile +49 172 3211738
FAX    +49 30  3728587

Working to improve the quality, reliability, management and accessibility of Data for Science and Technology

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