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Summary of Joint Workshop of
2nd International Workshop of Species 2000,

CODATA '99 DSAO Workshop and
14th 'Global Environment Tsukuba'

Date: July 14th -16th 1999

Venue: Tsukuba International Congress Center, Tsukuba, Japan  

Workshop Local Organizing Committee
Chairman: Makoto M. Watanabe (NIES)
Vice-chairman: Akira Tsugita (Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA), Data
Sources in Asian-Oceanic Countries (DSAO))
Vice-chairman: Hideyuki Shimizu (Center for Global Environmental Research (CGER) /NIES)
Secretary: Junko Shimura (Species 2000)
Hiroya Kawanabe (Diversitas Western Pacific and Asia (DIWPA))
Haruo Katakura (Gaialist 21)
Kazutoshi Tanabe (CODATA, DSAO)
Hideaki Sugawara (World Data Center Micro-organisms (WDCM))
Kunio Iwatsuki (International Organization for Plant Information (IOPI))
Tatsuo Sasaoka (Biodiversity Center Japan (BiodiC-J))
Yoshiyuki Maeda (Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST))  

Center for Global Environmental Research, National Institute for Environmental Studies (CGER/NIES)
Committee on Data for Science and Technology of the International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU/CODATA)

Endorsed by:

Japan Society of Information and Knowledge
Japan Society of Culture Collections (to be confirmed)
Delegation of European Commission in Japan
Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST)

Registered participants
180 from 32 countries, total estimated participants for 3 days were Ca. 200.  

The Theme was "Biological Diversity :Value of Information for 21st Century. " On day 1, 14th of July, the opening address was made by Yoichi Gohshi, Vice president of National Institute for Environmental Studies of Environmental Agency of Japanese Government. It was followed by the speech of Mr Hisao Shikano from Environmental Agency of Japan.

Following speakers made plenary lecture on Global Biodiversity and its information.
Makoto M. Watanabe Species 2000, National Institute for Environmental Studies Japan Network apprach to make biodiveristy information accessible world wide 
Frank A. Bisby Species 2000 , University of Reading  UK Species 2000: a global architecture for the Catalogue of Life
Jhon Rumble Jr. National Institute of Standards USA Developing Data and Database Standards in Science: Some challenges and how CODATA can help meet them.
Motonori Hoshi  Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan Towards an Integrative Biology.-A new programme for better understanding of living beings.
Takuya Abe Center for Ecological Research, Kyoto University Japan DIWPA activity and Informational Biodiversity Observation
Haruo Katakura Hokkaido University Japan The "GaiaList 21" Project
Ebbie Nielsen Australian National Insect Collection Australia The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)

Two sessions were held after lunch break

The first session was on "Distributed nature of biodiversity information with following speakers and titles.
Joan Thorne Species 2000, BIOSIS UK UK Zoological Record -a bibliographic service and names resource
Gary Waggoner U.S. Geographical Survey USA The Integrated Taxonomic Information System (IT IS)
Motomi Ito  Chiba University Japan Flora of Japan Database for Integrated Information of Japanese Native Vacular Plants
Nicolas Bailly Museum national d'historie naturelle France Systematic databases, taxonomic referential, and validation of data in the museum national d'histoire naturelle, Paris, France (MNHN)
Satoru Miyazaki WDCM Japan From Linking to Integration of Biological Databases

Second session was on "Accessibility of catalog of names" with following speakers and tiltles.
Catalina Ranola  Species 2000, ICLARM Philippines Species 2000 Annual Checklist in
Richard White  Species 2000, University of Southampton UK Species 2000 Dynamic Checklist with Added SPICE
William Piel Institute of Evolutionary and Ecological Sciences, Leiden University Netherland TreeBASE: A database of phylogenetic information. 

Poster presentations by 35 papers were carried on after the two sessions.

On day 2, July 15th, third session on "Global species databases" was held with following speakers and titles.
Karen Wilson  Species 2000, Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney Australia A Master List of the World's Plant Species
Kwang-Tsao Shao Academia Sinica Taiwan  Current Status of Fishdatabase in Taiwan and its Future Perspective
Ashok Kolaskar (as Species 2000, ATCC USA Universal Virus Database ICTVdB
Dicky Yu Species 2000, TAXA-Information System Canada Ichneumonidae database (tentative title)
Jiri Komarek University of South Bohemia Czech Republic Global Cyanobacteria Information (tentative) 

Fourth session on " Regional Biodiversity Information and Related Studies" was held with following speakers and titles.
Dennis Gordon National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research New Zealand Species 2000: NEW ZEALAND
David Boufford Harvard University Herbaria USA Biodiversity of the Hengduan Mountain Region, China
Richard H. Ree  Harvard University Herbaria USA Diversity of Pedicularis in the Hengduan Mountains Region, China
Barbara Becker ZADI- Info Centre Genetic Resources Germany  Federal Information System Genetic Resources (BundesInformationsystem Genetische Ressourcen, BIG)
Endang Rahayu FNCC Gadja Mada University Indonesia Culture Collections of Microorganisms Networking in Indonesia
Juncai Ma Inst. Microbiol., Chinese Academy of Science China Microbial Information Network of China (MICRO-NET)
Marakot Tanticharoen National Center for Genetic Eng. Biotech. Thailand Biotec [Thailand] Culture Collection : Microbial Resources
Lillian Swee Lian Chua Forest Research Institute Malaysia Malaysia Conservation of Biological Diversity in Malaysia-Current Status of Plant Resource
Susono Saono Indonesian Research Institutes -LIPI Indonesia Indonesia-Japan Collaborative Study on the Biodiversity of Lactic Aid and Acetic Acid Bacteria in
Ashok Kolaskar University of Pune India  Diversity in Animal Virurses-Virus Identification

Poster session with the previously mentioned 35 papers and computer demonstration followed the day 2 sessions.

On day 3, July 16th, oral sessions were focused on Asian Oceanic Scene. The parallel two sessions was carried on in the two separate rooms. Session A was for the topics on Biodiversity and Session B was for the topics on material sciences and other information sciences. The speakers and titles of two parallel sessions were as follows.

Session A : National and regional reports from Asian Oceanic counties.
Tatsuo Sasaoka Biodiversity Center Japan Japan  The National Survey on the Natural Environment in Japan
Shang-Shyng Yang  National Taiwan University Taiwan How the Biodiversity Issue is
Asep Sunjaya Adhikerana Center for Research and Development of Biology, National Institute of Indonesia Empowerment of Indonesian Biodiveristy Information Resources
Salim Javed Centre for Wildlife& Ornithology, Alighrh Muslim University India  Developing Natural Resource Information Network for Planning and Prioritizing Biodiversity Conservation: Avian Database Perspective
Yaruo Hu / JunCai Ma (as proxy) Chinese Academy of Science China An Introduction to the Chinese Biodiversity Information System (CBIS)
Sun-Hwa Hahn KORDIC Korea Biodivesity in Korea and KORDIC
Othman Sahir Malaysia Will be announced
Junko Nehashi Japan Science and Technol. Corp. (JST) Japan Constructing Informational Infrastructure for Bio-Resource --Prototyping Bio-Resource
Ebbie Nielsen CSIRO Astralia The Global Workprogram of the Major Systematic Entomology Facility Group : An Introduction

Session B: CODATA/DSAO Task group session regarding to other than biodiversity.
Jhon Rumble Jr. National Institute of Standards USA
Jong Ching Su National Taiwan University Taiwan
Tetsuya Maeshiro ATR Human Information Processing Research Labs. Japan The Structure for Self Organized Knowledge inHyper Brain Computers with Learning and Thinking Functions
Takashi Kunisawa Science University of Tokyo Japan Patentability of Discovery in the EU Patent Directive
Tsuguchika Kaminuma National Institute of Health Sciences Japan Linkage of Data on Chemicals, Life and Environment
Krishan Lal  National Physical Laboratory India  Precise and Accurate Data in Advanced Areas of Materials Science:Biaxial Stress in Thin Film-Substrate Single Crystals
Mitsutane Fujita National Research Institute for Metals (NRIM) etc. Japan Material Data System and Data-Free-Way on Internet 
Yuri Kotliarov Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST) Japan Crystallographic data quality control -- application of graph theory
Yoshiyuki Kaji  Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute Japan JAERI Material Performance Database (JMPD) - Present Status and Examples of Utilization -
Toshihiro Ashino  RACE The University of Tokyo Japan Knowledge Sharing with Modular Simulation Technique
Jing-Zhi Yu  Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku Japan Factual Materials Database for Non-Equilibrium and Metastable
Ying Chen Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST)  Japan A web-based data system for electronic structures from first principles approach
Hiroyuki Sato Japan Science and Technol. Corp. (JST) Japan Directory Database of Reserch and Development Activities (ReaD)
Kazutoshi Tanabe National Inst Material Chemical Res Japan Development of Chemical Safety Database
Chieko Nakabasami Faculty of Regional Development Studies, Toyo University Japan Knowledge Representation of Technical Papers in Metallurgy from Various Perspectives in
Edger F. Westrum Jr. University of Michigan USA CODATA/DSAO from a privileged perspective-Quo Vadis?
Suthat Fucharoen Mahidol University Thailand Thalassemia in the Next
Akira Tsugita JIPID Science University of Japan Proteome Today and Future

Closing remarks were made by the president of the National Institute of Environmental Studies of Environmental Agency of Japanese Government with special thanks to CODATA and all participants from the different parts of the world.  

A Business meeting of DSAO Task Group was held after the session B. Prof. Edgar Westrum Jr took the minutes.

Working to improve the quality, reliability, management and accessibility of Data for Science and Technology

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