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Number 74 CODATA Newsletter February 1996


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Data and Knowledge in a Changing World: A New CODATA Series

Database Quality: NIST Approach and Internet Influence - A Preview

CODATA Calendar 1996


In the series "Data and Knowledge in a Changing World," to appear:

Vol. I. Information Revolution: Impact on Science and Technology. J.-E. Dubois and N. Gershon, [a]

Vol. II. Modeling Complex Data for Creating Information. J.-E. Dubois and N. Gershon. [b]

Books and Databases

Chemical Thermodynamics of Americium. Edited by R. J. Silva, G. Bidoglio, M. H. Rand, P. B. Robouch, H. Wanner, and I. Puigdomenech. [c]

The 1996 GAPHYOR UPDATE editon (GAPHYOR UPDATE 95). [d]

COACH (COmputer Aided CHemistry) (Database on Diskette). [e]

ISO-14000. A Guide to New Environmental Management Standards. T. Tibor with I. Feldman. [f]

Appraising the Records of Modern Science and Technology: A Guide. J. K. Haas et al. [g]

Thermodynamic Properties of Minerals and Related Substances at 298.15 K and 1 Bar (105 Pascals) Pressure and Higher Temperatures. (U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 2131). R. S. Robie and B. S. Hemingway. [h]


[a,b] See Reviews on page 1. Expected February 1996. Each ca. 300 pp. Softbound. Available from Springer-Verlag, New York and Paris.

[c] Chemical Thermodynamics Series Volume 2; a critical review of the chemical thermodynamic data of those elements of particular importance in the safety assessment modeling of high-level radioactive waste storage and disposal facilities. This is a review of experimental data reported in the literature for americium. On a few occasions, where no data existed, comparisons and estimates were made based on experimental data on analog lanthanide elements. Moreover, it does contain an Appendix on "Chemical Thermodynamics of Uranium" written by I. Grenthe, M. C. A. Sandino, I Puigdomenech, and M. H. Rand which encompasses a critique and corrections to the earlier NEA-TDB review, the first volume in the series. 1995, 368 pages, ISBN 0-444-82281-X Hardbound, Dfl. 375.00, US$234.50. North-Holland; P.O. Box 211, 1000 AE Amsterdam, The Netherlands; P. O. Box 945, Madison Square Station, New York, NY 10159-0945, USA.

[d] Published by the beginning of each year, includes all data collected during the previous year. The 1996 edition includes 25,745 references. Note: the actual version 1.2 is still a b-version, with some possible problems. More information is available on the WWW server, 850 FF, plus taxes. Denis Humbert et al., Centre de Donnes GAPHYOR, 91405 Orsay.

[e] In several mouse clicks, thanks to an intuitive graphic presentation, access is given to thermodynamic properties of more than 4000 chemical substances and their reactions. Hypertext access immediately provides advice, instructions, definitions, and theoretical considerations, as well as power and user friendliness. Single and group licenses are available. Thermodata, B. P. 66, 38402 St. Martin d'Heres CEDEX, France (1995).

[f] ISBN 0-7863-0523-1. xvi + 238 pp. Softcover. Price $35.00. Irwin Professional Publishing, 1333 Burr Ridge Parkway, Burr Ridge, IL 60521.

[g] "All other archival activities hinge on appraisal. This guide is intended to assist in appraising the records of modern science and technology. The twentieth century has been significantly influenced and shaped by science and technology; but the record of post-World War II science and technology is vast, and not all can be preserved. In order to identify and preserve an appropriate and useful record for the future, archivists need to appraise knowledge." 1985. 76 pp. Softcover. Distributed by the Society of American Archivists, 600 South Federal, Suite 504, Chicago, IL 60605.

[h] Selected values for So, Vo, DforHo, DforGo on elements, 55 sulfides, 93 oxides and hydroxides, 141 silicates, and 154 other minerals and related substances at 298.15 K. Where available, appropriate functions are tabulated at 100 K intervals for temperatures up to 1800 K. Available from U. S. Geological Survey, Information Services, Box 25286, Federal Center, Denver, CO 80225. iv + 464 pp. $29.00


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