ICSU/CODATA ad hoc Group on Data and Information


Group terms of reference

The ad-hoc Group on Data and Information, established by the International Council for Science (ICSU), deals with problems of intellectual property rights and free access to data. The group is to keep a watching brief on all matters relating to data and intellectual property rights and report to the BOARD of ICSU as necessary.

The CODATA Commission on Data Access was established to examine problems, policies, and possible solutions to issues of international access and exchange of data for scientific research.

The joint ad hoc Group on Data and Information develops positions on behalf of CODATA and ICSU and present those positions as necessary to outside organizations and individuals concerned with scientific data access. National and international groups, often non-scientific in nature, may develop policies and procedures that can impact on data access for scientific research. The Group emphasizes the science viewpoint to those groups. The Group tries to act promptly in the face of fast-breaking issues. Because normal practice varies amongst scientific disciplines, the Group may call upon experts not part of the Group to deal with specialized issues. The Group will:

  • Develop ICSU/CODATA policies and positions on data access with special attention to scientific research needs.
  • Follow developments and review existing constraints on data access for purposes of scientific research including governmental, commercial, and legal constraints.
  • Act as a quick-response group to react to "data crises".
  • Serve as a consultant group to ICSU on issues related to data access

Group membership

Sir Roger Elliott
Department of Physics
University of Oxford
1 Keble Road
Oxford, OX1 3NP, United Kingdom
Tel 44 1865 27 3998
Fax 44 1865 27 3947
Email r.elliott@physics.ox.ac.uk

Dr. David R. Lide, Jr.
13901 Riding Loop Drive
North Potomac, MD 20878, USA
Tel +1 301 738 7147
Fax +1 301 738 7147

Dr. Anne Linn
National Research Council
HA-372, 2001 Wisconsin Avenue
Washington, DC, USA
Tel +1 202-334-2744
Fax +1 202-334-1377

Prof. P. Bernt Hugenholtz
Institute for Information Law
University of Amsterdam
Rokin 84
NL-1012 KX Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel +31-20-5253925
Fax +31-20-5253033

Dr. Peter Schindler
Swiss Academy of Sciences
Bärenplatz 2
3011 BERN, Switzerland
Tel +41 31 312 3375
Fax +41 31 312 3291
Email pschindler@access.ch

Dr. G. Thyagarajan
COSTED-IBN Secretariat
24 Ghandi Mandap Road
Guindy, Madras 600025, India
Tel +91 44 490 1367
Fax +91 44 491 4543
Email costed@giasmd01.vsnl.net.in

Dr. Ferris Webster (chair)
College of Marine Studies
University of Delaware
Lewes, DE 19958, USA
Tel +1 302 645 4266
Fax +1 302 645 4007
Email ferris@udel.edu

Mrs. Karen Wilson
Royal Botanic Gardens
Mrs. Maquaries Road
Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Tel +61 2 9231 8137
Fax +61 2 9251 7231

CODATA Executive Committee Liaison

Dr. John Rumble, Jr.
National Institute of Standards and Technology
100 Bureau Drive, 
Gaithersburg, ND 20899-2310, USA
Tel +1 301 975 2203
Fax +1 302 926 0416


Tish Bahmani Fard (ICSU Secretariat)
51 Bd de Montmorency
75016 PARIS, France
Tel +331 4525 0329
Fax +331 4288 9431
Email tish@icsu.org

Kathleen Cass (CODATA Secretariat)
51, Bd de Montmorency
75016 Paris, France
Tel +331 4525 0496
Fax +331 4288 1466

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22 February, 2002