ICSU - CODATA Workshop on the Description of Nanomaterials

Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherché
25 rue de la Montagne-Sainte-Geneviève
75231 Paris France
Metro Maubert-Mutualité (Line 10)
23-24 February 2012


  Day 1 - 23 February 2012 - Room: Amphi Stourzé

Workshop Introduction – Kathleen Cass (Session Chair)
9:00 am
Workshop goals – John Rumble (CODATA) and Françoise Roure(France)
9:15 am
Welcoming remarks
                                ICSU - Carthage Smith
                                French Ministry-Robert Plana
9:30 am
Participant introductions  
Overview Talks – Philippe Gaucher (Session Chair)
10:20 am

The Importance of Nanomaterials for Future Technologies - Renzo Tomellini (EC)

10:20 am
10:45 am
The Value of International and National Nanomaterials Standardization – Jean-Marc Aublant (France)
11:15 am
The Description of Materials – John Rumble (CODATA), Steve Freiman (VAMAS), and Clayton Teague (United States)

Issues in Describing Nanomaterials – John Baglin (Session Chair)

11:45 am
Nanomaterials - Nathan Baker (United States)
1:30 pm
Nanomaterials as Chemicals– Daniel Bernard (IUPAC)  
2:00 pm
Nanomaterials as interacting with living organisms – Kenneth Dawson (Ireland)  
2:30 pm
Nanomaterials as Engineering Material – Rodrigo Martins (Portugal)  
3:00 pm
3:15 pm
Plenary Discussion: What are workshop participants doing today in areas affected by descriptive systems for nanomaterials – Andy Henson (Session Chair)
3-5 minutes contributions from each attendee; there will be sufficient time for questions and discussion
4:30 pm
Breakout Session I
Defining the uses for the description of nanomaterials
Three separate groups
  • What are the uses for a nanomaterials description system?
  • What unique requirements does each of the uses have?
  • What requirements are common across uses?
6:00 pm
End of Day  

  Day 2 - 24 February 2012

9:00 am
Reports from Breakout Session 1 and Plenary Discussion – Clive Willis (Session Chair)
Defining the uses for the description of nanomaterials
9:45 am
Panel: Stakeholder needs in creating a discipline-independent nanomaterialdescription –  Nathan Baker (Panel Chair)
Panel Members: Martha Marapese (United States), Denis Koltsov (Nanotechia), Pingfan Rao (IUFoST), Michelle Ostraat (United States)
Minimum descriptors for commercial sale, the workplace, and for regulation
10:45 am
Challenges to creating a discipline-independent nanomaterial description  
11:00 am
Breakout Session 2
How do we actually create a description of nanomaterials independent of disciplines?
What are the roles of standards organizations, discipline-bodies, government, industry, research community, others?
What are the prerequisite actions by different communities and interests groups?
How can the Unions participate in the process?
1:30 pm
Report of Breakout Session 2 and Plenary Discussion – Rickey Yada (Session Chair)
How do we actually create a description of nanomaterials independent of disciplines?
2:15 pm
Plenary Discussion – John Rumble (Session Chair)
Top challenges to progress on nanomaterials description and how are they addressed
2:45 pm
3:00 pm
Workshop Summary and Recommendations – Françoise Roure (Session Chair)
4:00 pm