CODATA, in collaboration with GEO,
takes the lead on GEOSS Task DA-06-01:
Furthering the practical application of the
agreed GEOSS data sharing principles
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Since the Summit , CODATA and GEO secretariat have commenced discussing next steps and milestones. Suggested steps are:

Mid- end January '08

a) Update of the White Paper reflecting the comments made during and after the ADC CODATA Workshop in Washington in ( September) and during GEO IV CODATA side event

25 January '08

b) Following Announcement at GEO IV, distribution of updated version to ADC and other GEO Committees with invitation for comments.

End-March '08

c) following receipt of comments by the GEO Committees the paper should be distributed to GEO Principals with request to have the Paper passed on within Member Countries and Participating Organisations to their respective experts for comments

Mid-end April '08

d) Update of the paper following comments by Members and Pos..

e ) In parallel the dialogue with experts identified in Members and POs should be started on the compatibility between White Paper guidelines and THEIR current data sharing practices.

May/June '08

f) Establishment of an implementation strategy/plan for the guidelines

July 08

g) White paper together with implementation strategy (outcome of dialogue with members and POs) should be prepared for July Executive Committee meeting

September '08

h) Refinement of papers following discussions at ExCom level and potential further consultation

October '08

i) Submission of sharing principles and guidelines with implementation plan to GEO Plenary V for discussion and possibly acceptance